Interventional Radiology


The West London Vascular Interventional Centre is the regional specialist Interventional Radiology centre and provides out of hours emergency care for Hillingdon Hospital patients as well as specialist support for St Mark’s Hospital.


What is Interventional Radiology?


Interventional Radiology uses imaging techniques such as X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound to treat a wide range of conditions. Minimally invasive techniques are utilised as an alternative to traditional open surgery.


Procedures performed at West London Vascular & Interventional Centre


Aortic Endovascular Aneurysm repair

Angioplasty & stent insertion

Nephrostomy Insertion

Antegrade ureteric stent insertion

Radiologically Inserted Gastrostomy (RIG)

Varicocele embolization

Ovarian vein embolisation

Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiogram (PTC)

Hickman Line / Portacath insertion

Ultrasound & CT guided biopsies

Contrast Enhanced Vascular Ultrasound

Uterine Fibroid Embolisation

Management of arteriovenous malformations

West London Vascular & Interventional Centre


WLVIC is a specialist unit in London providing diagnostic services, medical interventions and surgical treatments of vascular disease. The team is made up of experienced vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists from Central Middlesex, Ealing, Hillingdon, Mount Vernon, Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals.


Our experience with the latest technologies enable us to treat the majority of vascular problems using minimally invasive techniques.



Please ask your general practitioner to refer to the West London Vascular Interventional Centre if you are concerned that you may have a vascular problem. We will investigate your symptoms using the wide range of imaging modalities available to us.


General Practitioners

There is a consultant of the week available to answer any queries you may have. Please contact the on-call Vascular Surgeon or Interventional Radiologist for any queries out of hours.

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