Please discuss your symptoms with your GP who can refer you to attend one of our specialist vascular or interventional radiology clinics closest to you. If you think you need to be seen as an emergency then please attend your nearest Emergency Department for assessment.



General Practitioners

Please refer patients to the West London Vascular and Interventional Centre via the NHS eReferrals service. We do not accept referrals via fax or email.

A vascular registrar is available 24 hours a day for urgent referrals or discussions. The vascular registrar can be contacted via Northwick Park switchboard  0208 864 3232.

There is also a consultant vascular surgeon and a consultant interventional radiologist on-call every day, they can be contacted by calling Northwick Park switchboard 0208 864 3232.


Hospital Referrals

Please download emergency referral pathway for our partner Hospitals here.

The on-call vascular registrar can be contacted by calling Northwick Park switchboard 0208 864 3232.

The on-call Consultant Vascular surgeon and Interventional Radiologist are available via Northwick Park Switchboard Tel: 0208 864 3232.


West London Vascular & Interventional Centre


WLVIC is a specialist unit in London providing diagnostic services, medical interventions and surgical treatments of vascular disease. The team is made up of experienced vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists from Central Middlesex, Ealing, Hillingdon, Mount Vernon, Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals.


Our experience with the latest technologies enable us to treat the majority of vascular problems using minimally invasive techniques.



Please ask your general practitioner to refer to the West London Vascular Interventional Centre if you are concerned that you may have a vascular problem. We will investigate your symptoms using the wide range of imaging modalities available to us.


General Practitioners

There is a consultant of the week available to answer any queries you may have. Please contact the on-call Vascular Surgeon or Interventional Radiologist for any queries out of hours.

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