Vascular Imaging Unit


The Vascular Imaging Unit provides a non-invasive imaging service using Duplex Ultrasound. The unit specialises in several tests using ultrasound diagnostic imaging and physiological measurements to look for vascular disease which may affect how well blood flows in the arteries and veins. There are a number of testing services available, which may be used to examine the blood vessels throughout the body the most common of these are;



  • Duplex assessment of the abdominal aorta, to identify the presence of a dilatation of the artery, namely an aneurysm, and when treated regular surveillance of the aneurysm stent.


  • Non-invasive physiologic testing (treadmill test, and calculation of the ankle-brachial index [ABPi]) of the lower limbs; this is key to identification whether vascular disease is the underlying cause of claudication. ABPi assessments are also used to assess suitability for the use of compression stockings.


  • Peripheral arterial and venous duplex examinations for the presence and extent of disease; including atherosclerosis, stenosis, or other flow limiting pathologies in the arteries. Also, duplex scans of the lower limb veins for venous insufficiency (varicose veins), deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and vein mapping (for surgical interventions; bypass).


  • The Unit also supports the London North West Hyper Acute Stoke Unit (HASU) by providing a Carotid Duplex scan service to identify any significant disease that may limit flow into the cerebrovascular circulation.

West London Vascular & Interventional Centre


WLVIC is a specialist unit in London providing diagnostic services, medical interventions and surgical treatments of vascular disease. The team is made up of experienced vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists from Central Middlesex, Ealing, Hillingdon, Mount Vernon, Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals.


Our experience with the latest technologies enable us to treat the majority of vascular problems using minimally invasive techniques.



Please ask your general practitioner to refer to the West London Vascular Interventional Centre if you are concerned that you may have a vascular problem. We will investigate your symptoms using the wide range of imaging modalities available to us.


General Practitioners

There is a consultant of the week available to answer any queries you may have. Please contact the on-call Vascular Surgeon or Interventional Radiologist for any queries out of hours.

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